• Optimization: Optimization of long shots algorithm to improve the success rate of splicing.
  • Optimization: The split-screen adaptation increased more third-party applications.

Set up

  • Add ( personalized) add “Desktop Large Icons” switch.


  • Add ( Yellow Pages) new "international traffic 'later entry.
  • Fix: Use Bluetooth to transfer files or fast pass, after the recipient refuses to transmit again within 10 s will automatically receive.


  • ( New picture editor) to add “stickers” feature.
  • Optimization: the edited image as a new image.
  • FIX: blurred photo page thumbnails.


  • New: Added Share mood-cards.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: notice more than 5, the status bar displays only four icons.
  • Optimization: “call” and “Call” notification is displayed on the lock screen support.
  • Repair: Repair immersion causes the application status bar black.

Lock screen

  • Added: anti inadvertently lock screen interface.
  • Fix: Other third-party applications caused by abnormal lock screen.


  • Optimization: the menu, click on the bubble flow charge, charge calls to jump directly to the top-page Meizu.


  • FIX: Play video during the call, video replay sound automatically become larger.


  • Fix: Press the lock screen button to pause playing local music concert.

File Management

  • FIX: File management password to enter the lock area will flash back.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: the timing of entry and exit points are not allowed to leisure traffic.


  • FIX: slip off the notification bar, pop persists.
  • Repair: Repair Click notification bar into the live link address is incorrect.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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