Update - Gain Root access flyme 6xxx +
Meizu MX5

You may face a very annoying problem with upgrading to Flyme and that’s root problem.
There may be 3 or more ways to solve this problem but, I want to show you the esiest and fastest way for everybody.
Follow my tutorial step by step to solve your problem:

  1. First of all open account center (user center) app and sign in with your account. (Note: Must do this step before installing new account center (user center))

  2. Check if root permission option is peresented on Settings/Fingerprint and security/Security tab/Root permission)

  3. If there was root permission option then install this app https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1na6s12e53nc72/MzAccount.apk?dl=0 (It will replace your current account center (user center) app with correct app that can gain root acsess for you) (Note: you may need to change your app setting security to allow installing 3rd party app)

  4. After installing the new app you may see your account center app disapear but, it’s normal. now reboot your phone. (before rebooting your device try step 5 If you still could not get root and got error then reboot your phone.)

  5. Now like other version of flyme go to Settings/ Fingerprint and security/ Root permission and click on it then accept root access and enter your flyme account password and get root access.
    Note: Now you may see your account center (user center) app is not in your home screen (disappear) and you cannot open it anymore. To solve this problem you must have any file manager with root acsess and go to first main folder of your device which in “es file explorer” app I use called “/Device” (root or home or “/” in other file manager apps) then system folder then app then MzAccount folder click on MzAccount.apk and install it again

Note: some people reported that this tutorial does not work for meizu m2 note

Hope this helps you all ;)
This is a repost from http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-5740-1-1.html
Thanks to Ramtin

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