Flyme OS 3.8.1A CN on HK

Can i install the Flyme OS 3.8.1A CN on my international HK version meizu mx2, my data got corrupt and i have to format my phone so i was just wondering.


Yes you can.

But it might happen, as you might saw yourself, that the data gets corrupt and the phone ends up in a bootloop.
Basically I always recommend to clear your data, if you upgrade from a HK firmware to a CN one and back.

Is anything known about the public stable 3.8.1 HK Version?


There was no 3.8.1 stable released for the CN nor the HK.

There were a few bugs in this version but nothing major, like the phone icon would always move back into the last page of the menu for some reason but it works fine, just letting you guys know

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