Meizu Pro 5 dual-sim ringtone not working after update to
Meizu Pro 5

After updating Meizu Pro 5 to Flyme the second SIM ringtone is the same as for the first SIM, no matter what ringtone I choose. Any ideas about what is happening or what I can do?

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@xeon550 Most probably it is a bug, If you really need that feature I’ll recommend you to make a clean install of the last version

Meizu Pro 5

@Asiier please let me know how to make the clean install, just to avoid any mistakes.

@xeon550 You download the version that you want to install, in this case, or one of the latest beta versions
You go to the default file manager and tap in that you have downloaded
You must select both of the options. The first one will just upgrade the phone to that version and the second one will wipe your data (apps, not music, videos, documents …)
The phone will boot into recovery mode, you will have to just wait and see If by doing that the problem disappears

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