Meizu MX5 Flyme SMS receive issues
Meizu MX5

I am having issues receiving SMS since my last firmware update a few days ago , GoSMS pro will send messages no problem , but now I get a notification in top bar when receiving SMS saying " messages are being processed "but never get them and cannot read the content , I have tried the normal things like remove and reinstall app etc , the std messaging app from meizu works fine ? This is exactly the same on my wifes Meizu MX5 , we can both send but no receive , what happened in this new firmware update ?

Never had any problems with GoSMS pro before this update.

If I set the std app to default SMS then I can get the messages on both GoSMS and std app , but obviously I cannot send via GoSMS like this .

I have not tried a Factory reset yet but don’t think that it is the answer as both phones are acting exactly the same.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem , are there any Meizu fans out there that can point me in the right direction ?


@Dink444 I would recommend to change your firmware version again. Most likely this bug might a result of the update, instead of a coincidence. Sadly there isn’t much you can do differently, as Flyme’s customisation options are quite limited, especially when it comes down to system apps.

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