Meizu M3 Note Update

Hi there

I bought Meizu M3 Note with flyme os Build number: Flyme OS Problem is the battery only shows100% and0% and nothing in between.
Where can I download the update and how do I update it.
Please help

@Rey i downloaded the firmwareB ut it can’t update. I keep receiving a firmware corrupt error. Maybe I need to do something else with the phone before updating. Help me with the update procedure and any prior requirements


@jonnesmagombe are you sure that you own the correct device?
I mean, you cannot install a G firmware on a chinese device for instance.

Meizu m3 note

you can download the lastest firmware in the website of flyme.(,the newest is i use the has less bugs.

@jonnesmagombe Hey guys , check your middle MIEI digits . If you have 03 , you cannot change G to A anymore . I have discovered this case and i dont know how to solve this . I think meizu do not realized this problem and also europe developer .


@n10k I think I know why it doesn’t works.
I suppose you bought your device in the EU, didn’t you?

If yes, it is a so called TCCM device, which have an extra lock in their recovery making it impossible to use other firmwares than those provided by TCCM (so called O firmwares). However, as of the 5th generation of Meizu devices this simply has been changed to G to avoid confusion and allow G firmwares from Meizu to be installed.

@Rey And so , what am I going to do to install flyme A firmware . Pls show me the way. Can I requset some developer such as XDA ,to have custom firmware like CM12. What will be the best way for us , 03 user .

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