mx4 cpu Overheating

I use when the phone is extremely hot
Even in normal use
what to do?
flyme A

A few months is hot
its a year i have this phone
when phone is hot multitasking is lagly
yes ray i clear data but again is hot


@hadimtr how did you cleared data? Did you do it over the recovery (during upgrade) or just the Settings?

power off and power button+volume up and clear data

@hadimtr Meizu doesn’t know how to properly make a Kernel
My recommendations is to do a clean install as @Rey suggested and maybe going to the Google Play and download an app called: L Speed
Is a really simple app that will tweak your Kernel for a better performance, you can download as well Coolify which may as well help to cool down the phone


@Asiier I don’t think Meizu really makes Firmwares for old devices.

It’s more a : release new device + firmware.
-> Do as little work as possible and slap it on all old devices. (The older devices get the worse it becomes.)

@Ultrametric This is just sad

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