Flyme loginscreen popups in the music app, whatsapp, snapchat, ..

Hello Meizufans,
I have a problem with my meizu m1 note after the flyme 5 update. Everytime I start the music app the login screen from flyme locks the screen. It opens that login screen 3 or more times and it is so annoying that i can’t use the music app like before. Since yesterday it starts at google chrome, whatsapp and snapchat so I can’t use them like before. Can anyone help me?
PS: I can’t create an account because my phone number “is too long”. With the e mail doesn’t work.

@NavRed you have the problem like i have?with the whatsapp note? you cant hear the voice in note yes?

i have in whatsapp same problems but they aren’t such annoying.

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