Anyone bought the pro6 on website ???

Hello everyone,

I pre-ordered the pro 6 64 GB on june 1st It was supposed to be shipped june 15th. I did not receive anything yet. I’ve asked them why and they told me they encountered issues with their carrier. Since 7 days they don’t even reply to my emails… Has someone experienced the same issue? Do I have a chance to finally get the phone or get my money back?



@rikko is just a Chinese re-seller.

Do you want your money back?

Other Chinese re-sellers, stated shipping with 1st of July… but those aren’t “official-agents” Chinese re-sellers. So duno.

@rikko did you pay via Paypal or something?

I paid with Visa Premier because they don’t support paypal transactions… too bad!
I bought the MX4 PRO on that online store few months ago and everything went well at that time. The mx 4 Pro was shipped the day after I ordered…

Yes, since they don’t give me any news about what’s going on, I want my money back…

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@rikko Meizu doesn’t make the MX4 Pro for a year now or so.

If you got the MX4 Pro a few months back it must have been left overs.

@Hamano-McDougachi Honorbuy is expensive, there are cheaper and better Chinese re-seller.

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@rikko If You have paid by credit card, then You should contact your bank for refund.

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I preordered this phone on, and i finaly received the pro 6.
But it was not the model I was ordered !!!
I ordered the 64Gb silver and i received the 64Gb Black.
When i phoned them, they said me that the 64Gb silver will not be sell anymore in international !!!

So i canceled my order and send them back the black pro 6, and i ordered on the silver 32Gb because Meizu France say me i must wait before they can send me a new phone.

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finally someone from MEIZU FRANCE called me and appologized 3 or 4 times and asked me.: “a pro 6 black 64GB can be sent to you tomorrow. Are you ok with that or do you want to cancel your order?” I said I’d rather be refund. 72 hours later, my credit card has been refund.

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