Messaging app problem

Hi, new to the forum, hello all!

When I open the SMS app it takes me to the ‘person’ section with a list of my messages, but when I receive a message and open it, I get taken to the ‘notice’ section regardless if the message is from a from a person, is this normal or can I change it somehow to open in the correct section.

Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody,

i’m sad, i have Meizu MX3, 3.8.3a , it is impossible to change sms app default, i want chomp sms but i can’t or an other sms app but impossible, i don’t know why, i’m rooted etc…

my launcher is Apex 2.6.1

the default app is very bad for me (favorite, notice??? etc…)

thank you so much for yours answers

I actually have the same issue. Clean install of latest beta and still showed up

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