Flyme OS stable (MX4 Pro)


  • Screenshot: Screenshot new growth and local screenshot function.
  • Optimization: Some third-party applications Flyme update style icon.


  • Optimization: Call interface properties increase anti inadvertently.

User Center

  • VIP Member: Meizu launched a new member, enjoy the privileges and services.

Set up

  • Quick switch: add “driving assistance” and “speed up the phone” switch.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility to increase accessibility options.
  • Developer Options: Movie options increase 0.75x options.
  • Optimization: Adjust Wi-Fi details page.
  • FIX: Unable to set ringtone online ringtone dual card.


  • Today Recommended: New Home “Today’s recommendation,” the latest events dynamically.
  • SMG Live: European Cup and the America’s Cup to support the purchase lottery tickets and watch live.
  • Optimization: subscriptions unified appear in the “My Subscriptions”.


  • Topic: New Dragon theme.


  • Word graph matching: a new local music lyrics cover function key match.


  • Read Share: click on the search results without having to jump directly support share.
  • Travel Card: Smart card parse messages and generate schedules, offers travel alert service.
  • Events: Add an event card from time to time to provide various benefits.
  • The default pop-up keyboard slide search: Optimization.


  • Self folder: Self-new independent gallery folder.
  • Crop: Crop Pages visual optimization.

App Store

  • Optimization: Increase related recommendations when installing the application selection page.
  • Optimization: There are benefits to increase welfare application details page entry.


  • Scan code: scan code to add camera mode.
  • Fix: thumbnails from the camera into the gallery, image zoom view is not clear.


  • Optimization: Reader add “more” and “Add to bookshelf” button.
  • Optimization: Book details page Click on the book cover to start reading books.
  • Optimization: improve the accuracy of books Gets the name of the local import books.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Adjust the screen lock interface animation effects on the operation.
  • Optimization: When the display lock screen music cover, the bottom does not display the unlock prompt.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: Adjustment Notification Center on the operation of the animation.
  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network show abnormal rate.


  • Review: full keyboard state, the default display lowercase keyboard.

Landscaping theme

  • Added: new personal center “coupon” entrance.

Domestic services

  • Optimization: Optimization of search logic, highlighted keywords.
  • Optimization: buy new filtering capabilities.
  • Optimization: Adjustment coupon vision, increased use of coupons description.
  • Optimization: Adjust movie ticket page associated visual.


  • Optimization: Optimization mailbox folder switching logic.
  • FIX: Some messages garbled.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: corrected several times to send traffic information to the operator after the restart the phone.
  • Fix: Start the management part of the application of mutual invalidation.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

No G, very disappointing

@alabalas install google services , root the phone , delete chinesse apps and you have international rom

@Mite-Janev i think I’ll wait until the next G

I still have version 4.5.6A. If I install this new version, will my all apps and settings disappear?

@Fanax you can make backup in the settings
after flashing restore

@Fanax If you have your Flyme account setup to sync then the synced items will be restored when you sign in to the account on the new firmware but you may have to download apps again because the new firmware is running android 5.1.1 and the old firmware if I remember is 5.0.1, so trying to restore backed up apps might give you parse error ( in other words not fit for the android version )

Please, can anyone tell me how’s the notifications on There are delays in receiving messages (mail,whatsApp, mess)?

Meizu MX4 Pro

I can’t install xposed. Ive tried it with flashing the zip via twrp and via an Installer Script from Terminal Emulator… but it didn’t work…

I tried the new version and does not work so, stick with the old firmware In my opinion not worth the upgrade.

Whatsapp notification still not fixed, this is just hilarious.

the battery… it will suddenly drop from 40% to 0% then auto shut down…

always the network problem that melts the battery as the ??

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