Need to upgrade after getting ans!!
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0_1467032830196_S60626-085741.jpg 0_1467032804860_S60626-085556.jpg 2 days ago i got a notification from flyme in my phone giving a link to update to latest global version 5:::
I downloaded the new version from this link.Is there any problem if i pause and download this file?
And i found some changes in new version as the settings and documents changed from sliding from left transition to vertical like ordinary android phones.I am also attaching some pics.Is it really changed from these pics to horizontal??

Meizu m2

Is there root is necessary to upgrade?

The slide menu on the left of settings and file manager has been done away with in Flyme 5. I think you have updated successfully. Are you facing any problems?

For contacts backup go to settings -> about -> storage -> backup and restore.

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Updated successfully.Can u explain how to take screen shot in

Meizu m2

Adarsh M all u need to do is just press volume down and lock button in same time, just press simotanously (sry for bad english) so just press it dont hold it

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@Adarsh-M Press volume down and lock button dont hold it, sorry for 2 answers

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@Rey thanks, i have question, do ya know why you cant change system volume with volume rockers while im on home screen or in apps, i have to go to settings in sound and vibration and change it there…


@Crackito90 Do your volume buttons work?

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@Ultrametric @Rey yes they work but when im on home screen not in app, and when i press volume buttons it only changes media sounds not system sounds. I dont know how to post image, so when i press volume buttons there is no speaker icon but there is some note icon-which is showing media volume…its very annoying if i have to go whole way into settings go change volume.

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@Crackito90 Yes it’s annoying. U r right.Volume rocker key need to be optimized in new updates for this.

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@Adarsh-M Hope it gets fixed, all u can do from home screen is mute in notification bar

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