need for help to flash
Meizu m2 note

Hi friend,
Few days back i bought a meizu m2 note, and the system offered me to upgrade it. i download the upgrade firmware, but when tryin’ to upgrade and restart the device the system the reported that the firmware is corrupted. then i select the restart option but the device can no longer start up, it stuck when the flyme icon appeared. i wait untill the battery runs down. then i chagre the battery 100% and turn on the device but the same thing happen. i can neither switch off nor switch on. please help me…

@siama Where did you buy your device?
Do you know If it’s a Chinese or an International version?

Meizu m2 note

i bought it from Snapdeal (online shoppping). i think its a china phone, internationlal. but not sure

@siama Can you take a picture of the back of the box, so I can figure it out

Meizu m2 note


here it is

Edit: Censor the IMEIs

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@siama Okay, looks like it’s an International version, but maybe those are fake stickers
Can you make sure that the are no more stickers under those ones

Meizu m2 note

no there are no other sticker in the box, or under the imei sticker

@siama Well, so seems like a legit International phone
Go to the latest Firmware and download the G version of it
Then transfer it to your phone
Boot into recovery, check both of the options and press Strat

Meizu m2 note

@Asiier how will i transfer the file, i even cannot turn on the phone now. please help me, there is no service centre in my area…sob sob

@siama If you connect the phone to the PC when is booting does it appear?
Maybe you can try transferring the file to a Micro SD and insert it to the phone
Or boot in recovery mode and try to transfer the file by ADB commands, Youtube video

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