If you follow my guide and DON"T use google installer
just download the ARM 5.1.1 version of open GAPPS from here : and save them to internal storage of phone

Now follow each step carefully and don’t miss anything

Go to settings / fingerprint and security and root the phone using system root
download supersu from here :
extract contents,
in the common folder is the apk, install the apk but DO NOT OPEN YET
Go to settings / fingerprint and security, system root and allow supersu
NOW OPEN SUPERSU and update binary, just follow instruction and reboot
install the english TWRP from here
open TWRP and click install, when you get success close TWRP and clear in recents window, now reopen TWRP and reboot TWRP. option
when the phone reboots in TWRP you can install GAPPS from here and reboot
You should now be good

( I have had no problems with sync this way )

Note: if you can’t see contents of storage in TWRP go to data/media/0

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@Rey Doing it it this way installs Supersu, TWRP and GAPPS all in one go and also installs all the base Google stuff into the system avoiding sync issues commonly seen in Chinese roms because they don’t have Google built in , instead they use crappy bloatware like baidu, sogou, alipay etc. forcing users to register to different places just to download firmware, apps etc. or even to sync your stuff to their cloud and are full of spam and advertising and are mostly out of date or not up to date with Google security !

Yes you are right the other way is much easier but less effective plus you are stuck with the built in app store which is mostly older versions of apps and full of advertising !

It is your choice but the easier is not neccessarily best !!

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hey, i have a dumb question. does the recovery app work for any device with flyme 5 or only for the meizu mx4 pro? thx

It is for MX4 Pro only , the recovery partition is specific to the device, There will be different instructions for different devices in the specific section for the device in the forums !

Hello friends, I have follow your instructions and succeed, I use nano gapps because when use stock gapps it’s say not enough space in twrp, but when I want factory reset it stuck in welcome page, it’s seems that gapss also install google launcher, are you ever try to factory reset?

@Rey and what’s the easier way?

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