[QUESTIONS] Rom changing Meizu Pro 5

Hey guys ,

My Phone comes with a U Rom and changed to G by the terminal on phone
My question is if I want to flash the A rom do I need to do specific operations before or it’s flashable through the recovery without
any other complication or do I need a specific U rom ?
I read that the only difference between U and A is the specific apps carrier so I suppose it can be flashable safely

If Someone can help :D

@Vympel Do you use the stock recovery?
And you can just try it, the worst that can happen is that the recovery gives you an error saying that the firmware is not compatible If you are using the stock recovery

Yes the recovery must be the stock one I didn’t flash any other one except the G rom(through terminal) but I didn’t affect the recovery so
Oh ok will just try thanks for the quick reply :D

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