M2 note - bug / music stop when headphone is connected on the M2 note

Hi everybody
I’m from France, and i have a problem with my M2 note.
I explain
When i plug the headphone jack on the M2 note, to listen music in my car, the music stop automatically after some seconds. But when i’m listen music by bluetooth, in an other car, there is no problem.
I try all firmwares from meizu, but still the same problem…
Actually, i’m on the last firmware Flyme
Does someone can help me to solve this problem ?
Thanks by advance


Firmware downgrade to 4.5 and music play without stopping.
Then, i stay with flymeOS 4.5, will try again v 5 in few months.


i am having an intermittent stop of music on my MX5 with Flyme
i never experienced such a problem before. i think this is caused by latest Music Player which is not possible to reverse back.

when connected to active amplification system with volume controls, music stops for no reason (while it works fine with passive headset and bluetooth)

in flyme 4.5 this may happen just 1 time after the application started, expecially when music move to high levels of sound, going into pause like there was no cable

in fllyme 5, it stops randomly and go pause as there was no cable anymore

this is terribly annoying, any solution so far?


Don’t think so. This is most likely an incompatibility of the drivers or chip itself.

Hi, I was having the same problem but I think I’ve figured it out!

The top, left-hand side of my screen had sort of popped out a tiny bit. I just gave it a gentle squeeze and it popped back in, that seems to have solved the problem! I hope it works out for you too.

hi everybody ,i have the same problem ,but with time i figure out the only solution for it without change flyme version ,just raise the volume until the misic doesn’t stop (i think you will raise 3 level from the max volume )this is it ,and never try to change flyme version ,because i’m running on flyme 6 and still the same problem.
And have good day everyone

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