Hi all,

I opened this post to comunicate a fix for a trouble that made me crazy!

I tried to update Flyme 4 A to Flyme 5, After the update, when i TRIED to reboot my phone the only thing that i saw it was the Meizu logo flashing…
I connected my phone to my PC to re-dowloaded the FW, but unfortunately my PC didn’t recognize the device…
The symptoms were:

  • PC Can’t recognize my mx5
  • Hold power Button + Vol. up/down doesn’t work
  • if I Charger or connect to PC, only lighting blink2 after that shown picture of battery charger and then Meiizu Logo and then the phone off,
  • Logo still flashing

To fix it you need to go in recovery mode, after that you’ve to connect your device to your PC (now it’s visible…)… re-donwload the update.zip file and follow the manual process to update your phone… if the file downloaded is not corrupted the process will end without problemzz

Bye Bye