Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

Set up

  • Switch: quick switch management increased “speed up the phone” switch.


  • Today Recommended: New Home “Today Recommended”.
  • SMG Live: European Cup and the America’s Cup to support the purchase lottery tickets and watch live.
  • Optimization: subscriptions unified appear in the “My Subscriptions”.


  • Topic: New Topic Dragon Boat Festival.

Landscaping theme

  • Added: new personal center “coupon” entrance.


  • FIX: When playing a video, answer the call and hang up, the sound becomes large video autoplay.


  • FIX: beauty channel preservation picture, see the picture in the gallery.


  • FIX: Lock screen after entering GIF mode switch back to automatic mode, you can view photos encryption.
  • Fix: thumbnails from the camera into the gallery, image zoom view is not clear.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: use the phone feature thin, sporadic flashes return phone housekeeper main interface.
  • FIX: unused data plan, suggesting that the flow has been exhausted.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

It looks like meizu has come up with something quite good. I do not have any complaints about last 2-3 betas. This one as well: excellent battery, stable operation - all good.

@Kestutis Hey dude!, just a question… i guess you have gapps intalled…so the question is… have you noticed a sync problem with google contacts in this version?.. (always syncing).

If you follow my guide and don’t use the app store gapps installer it will help, just download the ARM 5.11 version of open GAPPS from here : and use them with the guide> ( I have had no problems with sync this way )

go to settings / fingerprint and security and root the phone using system root
download supersu but DO NOT OPEN YET
go to system root and allow supersu
NOW OPEN SUPERSU and update binary, just follow instruction and reboot
install the english TWRP from here
open TWRP and click install, when you get success close TWRP and clear in recents window, now reopen TWRP and reboot TWRP. option
when the phone reboots in TWRP you can install GAPPS from here and reboot
You should now be good
Note: if you can’t see contents of storage in TWRP go to data/media/0

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@Kestutis How is that? My phone overheats as hell and I’ve noticed that I play music on the background and I switch between home screen and app the music freezes for a second
Should I reset?

@bluerichblue Thanks! good to know! im allways afraid of changing the default recovery… (i couldn’t even backup it with flashify)… but it seems this is the way…
Thanks again! You are not actually replacing the recovery , it is a temporary recovery flash and the original stock recovery is left in place. That means if you power down and hold volume up while booting you will get the normal recovery, it really is nothing to worry about and is very good for doing a clean wipe when you flash a new rom, this way you are less likely to have overheat problems, battery drain , sync issues etc.

@bluerichblue The app doesn’t work. Wherever I click, the app just stops working and asks me if I want to close it

@Dfos exactly which app are you talking about ? everything has to be followed step by step , you need to do each step and not miss anything !!

each step will not work correctly if you try to skip something or if you did part wrong or if you did not close twrp in recents before rebooting to twp etc.

follow every step correctly, if it does not work I suspect it was not a 100% clean flash of firmware and old files are left behind ! I suspect you mean TWRP in which case you either did the root procedure wrong or if it installed but will not reboot twrp you did not close from the recent panel ( swipe up from bottom right of screen )

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Can anyone give me the build.prop for mx4 pro flyme .5.1.6 .? I messed it up and lst wifi

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@bluerichblue Can anyone give me the build.prop for mx4 pro flyme .5.1.6 .? I messed it up and lst wifi

@jramosd On which player does this happen? Did you try to play with smthn else? Run app optimization, clean garbage, restart.

@bluerichblue Yeah, my bad, I forgot to open SuperSU and grant TWRP app root access

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