Set up

  • Switch: quick switch management increased “speed up the phone” switch.


  • Today Recommended: New Home “Today Recommended”.
  • SMG Live: European Cup and the America’s Cup to support the purchase lottery tickets and watch live.
  • Optimization: subscriptions unified appear in the “My Subscriptions”.


  • Topic: New Topic Dragon Boat Festival.

User Help

  • User feedback helps users to upgrade.
  • New: Add user help topics, recommended reading, popular feedback module.
  • New: Add a fast feedback to improve the efficiency of feedback.
  • Added: Support camera feedback Submit picture.
  • Added: Support feedback resubmitted Photos.
  • Optimization: Optimization of Home content recommendation.
  • Optimization: Optimization of feedback and submit records show.

Landscaping theme

  • Added: new personal center “coupon” entrance.


  • FIX: When playing a video, answer the call and hang up, the sound becomes large video autoplay.


  • FIX: beauty channel preservation picture, see the picture in the gallery.


  • FIX: Lock screen after entering GIF mode switch back to automatic mode, you can view photos encryption.
  • FIX: Open Priority Save to SD card, even now after the flash burst flash back.
  • Fix: thumbnails from the camera into the gallery, image zoom view is not clear.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: use the phone feature thin, sporadic flashes return phone housekeeper main interface.
  • FIX: unused data plan, suggesting that the flow has been exhausted.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS