Fingerprint sensor not working

Out of a sudden the fingerprint sensor stopped working (both as a back button and unlocking the screen).
So now I can’t use the back button and I can’t unlock the screen with the fingerprint.
In Settings > Fingerprint and security, “Use to unlock screen” under ‘Fingerprint identification’ is disabled! And when I enable it it goes to the “Enter passcode” screen. I enter my passcode and then it says Place your finger… I place my finger on the sensor and nothing happens. It doesn’t detect it. So I hit Cancel and obviously the “Use to unlock screen” is still disabled.

It started happening yesterday (Flyme, and today I upgraded to and the problem persisted.

Any ideas?

Model: MX5
Android version: 5.1
Build number: Flyme

Thank you

I also have the same problem… I ordered Meizu mx5 back button and I’ll try to fix it myself…

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