[How to] Root Meizu Pro 6 - The easy way

Hi guys! For some of you who have no clue how to enable root permissions for Meizu pro 6.

*What are root permissions?
Well… GOOGLE IT :) but in short - its is necessary for using advanced tools and abilities such as FlymeTools and Xposed framework to edit the actual look of the phone(status bar, notifocations bar, stock launcher and more) and add cool stuff like Youtube Background play module! and alot more.


–>Register Here<– Notice: ID is your username which will be an email created by flyme for login.

2) EMAIL CONFIRMATION: Go to your registered email (The one you registered with) and copy the 6 digits confirmation number on the registration site to finish the process.


3) Download :
MzAccount.apk - This is flyme account service which was cut out from international version It is MUST if you want to root your pro 6.

Mid step:

Now, when finished installing MzAccount take your phone and GO TO : Settiings --> Flyme account -->User Center–> Press Login

Enter your registered ID. It’ll probably be followed by @flyme.cn but don’t worry… even if you don’t remember creating flyme email its OK it is just your ID!
Enter your password and your IN.

4) Last one:

Head to Settings --> Fingerprint and security

Scroll down a little bit and look for Root permissions click it and follow what it says. IT WILL REBOOT - IT"S OK!!



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@DrMorisson So, like the rest of Meizu devices

Exactly. But this forum doesn’t say this here on Meizu pro 6 forum, so I did.


Thanks for this great “How To”.

But this MzAccount.apk is referenced by virustotal.com like a riskware/spyware …

@orychalk Yeah, half of Flyme apps are detected as malware, mostly spyware
Here is some news about it

used this steps for pro5
but can’t install MzAccount
flyme G

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Meizu Pro 5

@drmido83 Pro6 is a different android version, you should use the correct app.
(mine is from flyme 6, you can try, no guarantee but still better than Pro6 one) 0_1482205861942_MzAccount.apk

i’ll try it
can i change the mac adress for my pro5 without problem of wifi
because i have tried change the mac with MacChanger
but wifi didn’t work
until return to the original mac

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