Okay, so, here’s the thing. I’ve been having issues with WiFi going to sleep since the first Flyme 5 global build, and haven’t been able to resolve this issue until recently. I’ve tried disabling linked launch, tweaking security app in a number of ways, including letting every app do what it was, I’ve even blocked a ton of apps in overview. Nothing worked, not even messing around with my router. In addition to all this, I’ve also tried installing various GCM push apps, installing third-party WiFi apps and what not, but I didn’t have any luck fixing this. Now, there is one thing that worked in Flyme that did not help me before, and that is enabling ‘Network scan’ option under advanced WiFi settings. I’ve turned off ‘Network notification’, ‘Lock screen’ and ‘Intelligent network switch’ by the way.

I’ve noticed that quite a few people had such problems with their PRO 5 units, and this is what worked for me, so I thought I’d share it, maybe it can help some of you. The security app is basically set to default, I’ve deleted all data. I haven’t had a single WiFi idle issue since I’m using this setup (2 days, and every notification came in immediately), and WiFi was disconnecting every couple of minutes before (while the screen is off). I hope this will help at least some of you because this issue was driving me crazy and I even had to revert back to Flyme 4.5 in the past in order to prevent this. That’s more or less it, sorry for the long post and good luck.