Bootloader Unlock !!!

Is anyone got success in unlocking bootloader of this device ?
I tried many method of other devices like mx4,m2 etc…bt all failed
so I tried via switching firmware from china and still the same…donno what I did bt there is now option showing in app>settings>developer-mode>unlock bootloader option
I tried bt that too failed
so is anyone got any method to unlock bootloader ?
Ps. : If anyone can upload and share me stock recovery (original) from meizu m3 note
to do so you need to root via kingroot and take backup of recovery from flasify app. Upload and share in this thread.
during bootloader unlocking etc destroyed my recovery :v

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Meizu m3 note

Bro i can send u recovery if u want it??

@liuyanlong is this a image file? when I downloaded the file it does not show that its a images file.

Even I need the stock recovery file hence asking. If you have one from backed up from flashify app please share that.

Thank you in advance.

Meizu m3 note

i backed it up by can just put it in the right place and restore in the app.

@hnymlt said in Bootloader Unlock !!!:

Bro i can send u recovery if u want it??

please sent me my phone its stuck on logo

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