Flyme 4.0 Apps for MX3

I just received a E-mail with a big package of Flyme 4.0 Apps (Clock, Calendar, Music, Video and more…)
You can download them here:


Please note that your device need to be rooted, because you must replace the APKs with your old ones in system/app.

First copy the APKs to system/app and replace them.
After you did that, you need to set the permissions to rw-r–r--
Now restart your phone and go to “Documents” and reinstall the downloaded Flyme 4 APKs as normal again (important, otherwise the Apps won’t work correctly).



Very cool, thanks! :D Just curious if I would lose my calendar notes if I replace the app… :D

Edit: can’t access the download page though, heh… ;D

You won’t lose them if you synced via Flyme Account or Google. Seems like the download link is invalid, i will upload the package to my Wuala. Please wait.


Cool I’d like to try the music player :D

@‘GreyGhost’ said:

Cool I’d like to try the music player :D

Download Link is finally online!

This is great! Mind if I mirror this on Meizu Israel?

@‘n0cte’ said:

This is great! Mind if I mirror this on Meizu Israel?

Sure not friend :) you can share it.

I try the new music app (which looks great i think ;) ) but i only can start the app only after the installation of the app via ES Root explorer (which i also use to set the permissions…) after i restart the phone with the new music app installed the app crashes on startup and i can’t open the music app until i install the .apk again…

Maybe someone try the new music app also and can verify if only i have that problem or its a problem which is only by me and maybe i did something wrong during the installation…

Nope, it happens to me too, on all apps. Had issues installing the Browser APK.

Seems that this is a problem for now… Anyway, i never restart my phone :D
But i remember with the MX2, you could create a “AutoInstallApk” Folder which allows to install apks at restarts automatically. You can try it.

Sounds good :) in which folder do i have to create a auto install folder??

@‘Mülle’ said:

Sounds good :) in which folder do i have to create a auto install folder??

In the root/directory of your internal storage.

This is great! Thanks for this! :D

I’m currently using the Music app, and it’s great because the album artwork doesn’t go away. (My past Music app would not display the album artwork most of the time, but it comes back anyway)

Everything is fine with the new Music app, except that when I try to enter a playlist with songs in them, it crashes. I tried making a new one because I thought it could be because of compatibility issues with the old Music app, however, it still crashes. I can only go as far as having empty playlists but once songs are in them and I try to enter into the playlist, the app crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this?

For me listen to playlists is no problem ;) i can access old playlist and can also make new lists and listen to them… So i guess its a problem with your device :(

That’s terrible. :( I tried clearing data from the Music app, but it still doesn’t work.

If it helps, I’m on 3.5.3 HK version. Still waiting for the next stable release, hopefully 3.7.3A or something newer.

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