how do you turn off adaptive status bar color?

sometimes the text in the status bar is not visible (using go launcher)
how can you make the status bar color to be solid so text will be readable all the time

Meizu MX4 Pro

settings -> notification and status bar -> status bar -> tinted status bar
turn this off

tried both ways but text is still transparent when lets say i open messages and go back to launcher home

it is still adapting to whatever i open color changes
i want the status bar color to be black all the time

Meizu MX4 Pro

you have to reboot the device after you change this option for it to take effect

doesnt work
tinted statusbar just adds black background but when you open white app the text will go black and then try to switch to home screen the text is barely visible

disabling the tinted statusbar just removes the background and makes it transparent but same scenario

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