Short question to Owners MX4PRO 16GB

(My situation: i’ve lost my mx4 :cry: . Now thinking about MX4PRO 16GB or MX5 32GB - price consideration is important :confused: )

Hi, I have question to OWNERS of MX4PRO:

Guys, is 16GB enough for you? (I mean some music 1GB + couple of games 3GB + 5 GB of video and photo = total 9 GB of memory usage).

Thank you.

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Meizu MX4 Pro

For me is enough. Normally have 4Gb storage free and you can clear Junk files in security center. All my last 4 phones has 16Gb storage and it was enough😉(for me).

Meizu MX4 Pro

its enough if you don’t plan on keeping movie files into the device. i have 2 gb left with 5 gb apps, 1.5 gb pictures and 500 mb music

16Gb is enough.
You can always buy USB OTG for movies and music,

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