Upgrading my M2!

Hi guys,

I have a M2 - bought it from geekbuying and this is the details


I want to upgrade the system to Flyme OS - can you please help me with the process?

Thanks in advance,

I am unable to root my M2 from system privileges it is already “open” but I can’t complete the method 1

Can you please help!

what you mean you unable to root your M2?Did you Check it with root checker?Did you install SuperSu?Update binaries?Normally with you can root the device through system privileges.
Be more specific please

Thank you for your support!

As you can see here “system privileges” is already opened


when I tried to install supersu that error appears!


The root checker says!


Did you tried to root with kingroot? In many cases work fine.
Or try to close and reopen sys.privileges
Or check if you have sys update

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Unfortunately I don’ have system update!

  • How can I close the system privileges?
  • Root will stay If I root with kingroot and upgrade to flyme 5?

Sorry i dont remember that,maybe open the arrow or login to meizu account you (must remember the password)
No if you make the update you must make root again with kingroot method that described in root and modding section in meizu m2 forum.

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I will try to root with kingroot and see

Thank you!

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