A to G transformation Flyme

Hello to all boys,

I followed to the letter the guidance to turn my 5 Pro from version A to that G.
To the installation of APK there are no hitches; when I go to edit the file Pro Info with RB text editor me on the screen that opens not see the famous string to change but simply a blank screen.

Do you know how to solve this catch?

I thank you in advance.
Good day

@Ukacor Can you expecify which guide are you using?
And you may want to try a different editor or file explorer

@Asiier. Thanks very muche for the reply.
the used guide is this: http://www.androidiani.com/forum/meizu-pro-5/501285-guida-come-trasformare-meizu-pro5-da-rom-o-u-rom-g-globale-con-ota-attivi.html

Can you suggest me an other one guide?

Thanks in advance.

@Ukacor This guide worked for me: XDA Devs

The one that you were using should work too, try using another File Explorer, like Root Explorer

@Asiier I tried with root explorer but is same (blank display) Pro info file. The guide that i’m using like me very much because has active OTA. The XDA devs guide instead has not the active OTA. Can you help me to modify the famous string text?

@Ukacor The XDA guide does have OTA updates.

And If you are having problem modifying the text I’ll recommend you to keep trying different explorers until you find one that works for you


My proble is not in the explorer but in the text editor (Rb text editor).
Is Rb text editor that when i open the ProInfo file give me the blank display.
What think about you? Thanks in advance.

@Ukacor I recommended you another File Browser because they usually come with it own text editor, but If is not working you should download a Text Editor itself from the Play Store, I recommend you this one, but you can try other if that one doesn’t work well

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I will try to installa an other file browser. Thank you. I will inform you.

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