Can't install Play Store

Is there someone who can help me? I can’t install Google Services / Play Store at my Meizu MX4 Pro 32GB chinese version.

@jorgefcbastos it will be more usefull for us if we know some details. Meaning what version of flyme you have… And which version you want to install… Mainly you can find the play app in chinese market… As an all in one pack… Have you tried it already? Also… You might wanna look for the latest version of play store on google… Sometimes this trick might be helpful… Let us know what you did and where you are in the process and will always be someone here to give you a hand if you need it… :)

I had the latest beta version for CN Meizu MX4 Pro. I solved the problem downloading an older Google Installer version, in this case the 1.4.4. It is now working.

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