Snapchat Bug

Using my M1 Metal with Flyme OS stable I can’t enter my Snapchat-Account. The App ist starting and I can try to login but everytime the device-verification fails after a long time of waiting…
Looking for help or anybody with the same problem?!


@TimTomJohn best would be to write Snapchat. As I’ve read your other post, I would recommend you to go back again.

@TimTomJohn If you have Xposed installed that’s why you cannot login


For me Snapchat always worked well with Flyme, so I don’t think this is hardware related. You must have Google Play + Services properly installed of course, and as stated above, Snapchat might check Xposed / overall system modifications to avoid snap-saving and such “illegal” actions. Ive heard of them blocking some accounts completely for using any (even some not snapchat-related) mods, so maybe also try making a new acc, just in case something has caused your account to get locked.

Even though the app itself works, you can still try clearing app cache and data from settings, too.

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