Meizu Pro 5 Audio Mod

Hello guys ,

I have checked the forum in the hope to find any audio mod but it’s seems that it’s kinda difficult to
port it on this meizu despite the audio potential.

I’am coming from a Mi 4 on Miui there were the same problem with V4A on it unable to process any audio with the app but it works with the SELinux by enabling the persmissive option.

The problem were that the Dirac HD was in conflict with the V4A and that’s the reason why it does not work properly.
it must be the same situtation the Hifi Config of the meizu pro 5 is in conflict with third parts apps and don’t allowed any use.

I flashed on my Mi 4 the Divine Beats Mod who’s not fit specially for the Mi 4 initally it’s supposed to work with all the device on Lollipop and MM so I suppose it must be the same for the Meizu Pro 5 or am I wrong ?

So have soemone tested to flash it throug the recovery or via any other method ?

Here is the mod :

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These mods do not work for the PRO 5. I have personally tried time and time again MANY of these sound mods and they just don’t work.

Concentrate your time on more likely things like winning the lottery, having a 1-night-stand with Jennifer Aniston and inventing time travel instead of trying to get these mods to work on the PRO 5…

@Vympel It won’t work
There is a whole post on XDA explain why no audio mod will never work on the PRO 5
But basically its related to float PCM format used by Flyme and PCM 16bit used by v4a dsp

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Oh I see it"s way more complex than I was expecting …
Anyway … theoricatlly I don’t know if those mod would improve as much as on other device without specific dedicated audio parts on the device at least i think so … maybe am i totally wrong :D
But after all we are supposed to have a true Hifi power with this device …

let’s hope in a near future someone will dev a specific audio mod especially for the pro 5 hope it will be before the time traveling invention @ShadowOfDeth

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@Vympel Bet ya I get time travel down before you get a sound mod for the PRO. Bet ya! 😃

@ShadowOfDeth @Vympel I can confirm you that

mods work nice with faust93 custom roms for the pro 5

cm12 and RR mods are working

no sucess to flyme?


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