M2 Note bootloop in Meizu logo

I have a M2 Note working normally with the latest firmware ( for several weeks now. Today, while I was using whatsapp it went blank and rebooted. However, it does not pass the Meizu logo (it never reaches the Flyme screen) and it is now in an endless loop. Buttons are not responding so I cannot switch it off, hard-reset or enter recovery mode.

Right now I am just waiting for the battery to die, and it might take hours, with the possibility that as soon as I charge it it will enter the loop again. Any suggestions? I am an experienced user and I have updated firmware on several occasions, both manually and OTA, and I have used recovery mode as well. I wonder if one of the several holes in the case is a hardware “reset” button.


@Arroyero the last time I have read about such a case the mainboard was faulty. I think it is best if you go over AliExpress and replace it on your own. :(

Thanks, Rey. Further to this debate, I agree it looked bad. I am actually in Spain, and I bought the device via Amazon over six months ago…

Following the instructions in the Meizu website I contacted a technical support office in Spain. They in turn said that the operation had to be arranged with a third company. I contacted them and they asked me to send an email with the IMEI. I did. Two days later they replied saying that that IMEI did not belong to one of the operators they work with so they could not help (it is an unlocked international device, so obviously it was not allocated to an specific operator!) In total after a week I found myself with nowhere to go and with a dead device in guarantee.

I then thought of Amazon. In less than five minutes they have offered to reimburse my payment in full or send a new unit. After this experience, however, I have no desire to have another Meizu unit. Not because of the device, which I loved, or because of the fault, because a faulty one can happen in all companies, but because of their apparent incapacity to offer a decent support, at least in Spain. So Thanks Amazon, and bye Meizu!

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