Faulty Type-C USB charging port

Very recently have been having problems with my PRO 5 not charging properly taking ages to charge by even small amounts and not being able to use the phone at all while plugged in or won’t charge at all and even discharge!

Figured out that if I apply downwards pressure to the charging cable where it plugs in it will charge like normal.

Now I know for fact that it’s not the cable because all 3 Type-C cables I own worked perfectly fine up until very recently.

I have checked the charging port and as far as I can tell everything looks ok in there. Nothing seems loose or broken. I’ve cleaned it out pretty thoroughly too so it can’t be a dirt issue.

Am I screwed or is there anything I can do?

Seriously considering the Oneplus 3 if this can’t be fixed at minimal cost and effort.

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@ShadowOfDeth I wish I had the money for changing my PRO 5
Have you tried changing the firmware version?
I’m pretty sure that If you want to change the charging port is going to cost quite a bit plus all you have to changing it your self

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I highly doubt it’s a firmware issue. For one everything was fine up until a few days ago and two everything is cool when I apply pressure. Probably is a case of having to change out the charging port. Which of course sucks.

But hey, the Oneplus 3 is only £310 and I’ve been thinking of getting rid of the PRO 5 anyway…

@ShadowOfDeth Well as you know I’m also trying to get rid of PRO 5 and now I gotta decide between One + 3 or 6P, but I don’t have money anyways :(

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I was looking at the 6P too but I just don’t think I can get past the ugly, overly big top and bottom bezels. The Oneplus 3 looks great and has some really nice specs. Favourable reviews too.

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