no wifi on my mx5
Meizu MX5

hello i 've bought my mx5 which is a very nice phone but suddenly after 3 days of use the wifi auto-disabled itself and i can’t re-activate it if anyone can help me thanks
( i’m french so please excuse if my english isn’t correct)


Hello @deffra. Did you tried to do a clean installation of the firmware? Often this resolves issues like these.
Can you maybe tell us the firmware you are currently using?

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Meizu MX5

i’ve tried a hard_reset multiples updates and cleaning withouth results sry for the wrong section


@deffra no problem. ;)
So you did the hard reset over the recovery right? If you do it over the Settings menu it is quite useless.

If yes you have a problem, because then the issue is most likely hardware sided and cannot be resolved from the software end.

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