Safe to instal on a Portuguese network?


I have a Meizu M2 Phone and it works in Portugal with firmware v. Is it safe to upgrade to this version? Will I have Google Play installed with no Chinese language and apps?

Thank you.


@Mendonza basically yes, but only if you own an international/global device. Otherwise it will be necessary to use a bypass.

Thank you, Rey. How do I know it is an International/global device? Here is a screenshot I just took 0_1466065911612_13396598_1302847079743866_249577907_o.jpg

take your phone case and on the back of it read phone model, It should be something like this: M578H or M578. if it has H then it is global model of your phone. without H than it is chinese model

@Mendonza Your device is Chinese since your firmware version (Número de compilação) is A and not G not I

Thank you all for the replies. I do not have printed out the model on the back of the phone :\
@pedjakis so should I install the Chinese version only? Where can I find the latest one? There is no “A” version at

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@Mendonza As is the Chinese version you have to get onto the Chinese web page
Here it is

Or you can download from [here](l

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Ok, so I should install the Y, right? I would like to have the A version as it seems to be the one with the Portuguese language, but I just can’t find it anywhere… Does this Y also have the PT-PT language?

@Mendonza No, the A version do not longer support all the languages, just Chinese and English
You can try to install G firmware (which features all the languages) by following this guide over here
Or stick to the latests A firmware, but installing the language packages by following this other guide

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Great, thanks! :) I dont mind having it in English as long as it works on my PT carrier, and I can remove the Chinese apps and install Google Play

@Mendonza Oh, then you will just need to install the latest A firmware and you are good to go

But that is my problem @Asiier - I cant find for m2, only for Pro 5, m2 note and others… Will it work anyway?

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@Mendonza the m2 was converted into a YunOS exclusive, therefore do not be mislead by the “Y” versioning. You can install and use it like any other firmware. Here the link to the firmware topic:

I’m sorry but I did not understand. Should I instal the Y version then?

@Mendonza I’m not sure who it actually works as my device just have A and G version

Wait for someone that actually have M2 how can give you better support

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