Is anyone just going to keep ignoring the elephant in the room? M2 Note is SLOW as a turtle!

Before being on android device, I was on Blackberry 10 device, which was a good device but I needed some change and I switched to android. I bought meizu thinking it’s really a premium device with nice looks and with a good hardware, oh boy was I so wrong…

Anyway, I’m writing this because I kinda want Meizu manufacturer to see that people are indeed complaining about the Flyme 5 and older stability and incompability, multitasking is so slow, and opening apps takes a lifetime since one opens… I’m really getting sick and tired of this. Everything would be better if they just decided to unlock the bootloader and let us tweak devices as we want, bcause flyme sucks hard! Not to mention the act that my BB 10 device was a dualcore phone and it ran smoother than my octa core phone just because Blackberry have better software optimization than Meizu. Please, if somebody knows a way, I don’t care how hard or risky it is, help me install some custom rom, I’m really sick and tired of flyme… Thanks!

and also I want to highlight that I did fresh install of my latest stable Flyme 5 and the phone is still slow, really slow. Little faster than on 4.5 of course, but still slow…


It is well known that Flyme is buggy and extremely slow. However, this not always has been the case. Since Flyme 4 Meizu managed to go down badly and currently reached an all time low with Flyme 5. Worse than that is the fact, that you cannot install a custom rom, except for a few devices, but even these are not really working.

For the m2 note there is no custom rom available as far as I know, so you are quite stuck with Flyme. Even if there would be one, you would have to stay with it so that all hardware features do work.

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