Reply Vibration Pro 5

Good morning sirs,
do you know how is possible disable the reply vibration in Meizu Pro 5?

Thanks in advance.

Please go to Settings > Sound and Vibration > Feedback on touch and disable it

Hi Herrjemineh,
just do it but. I’m looking for disable the short vibration that is going when i reply to a inbound calling or when the person called reply to me opening the phone reply.
Do you hava a solution?

O.k. i got you now, but i’m sorry, don’t know if it’s possible to disable this vibration on incoming/outgoing calls…
Edit: Maybe the Problem is in “Phone settings” system App, which has permissions to control vibration… but that’s to deep in software for my knowledge.

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@Ukacor you might wanna take a look to dialer settings.
Hope this was what u need… If not hope it helped.

@DanCo90. Perfect resolved. Millions of thanks!!!

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