Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)

User Center

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  • Word graph matching: a new local music lyrics cover function key match.


  • The default pop-up keyboard slide search: Optimization.


  • Review: full keyboard state, the default display lowercase keyboard.


  • Optimization: At the end of all the tasks without shutting down the background music being played.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: corrected several times to send traffic information to the operator after the restart the phone.
  • Fix: Start the management part of the application of mutual invalidation.
  • FIX: fingerprint to unlock encrypted application sporadic black case.
  • No third-party adapter repairing mobile butler theme icons.

Domestic services

  • Optimization: Optimization of search logic, highlighted keywords.
  • Optimization: buy new filtering capabilities.
  • Optimization: Adjustment coupon vision, increased use of coupons description.
  • Optimization: Adjust movie ticket page associated visual.


  • You can not receive multimedia messages encrypted information after: Repair.

Set up

  • FIX: Unable to set ringtone online ringtone dual card.


  • Optimization: Optimization mailbox folder switching logic.
  • FIX: Some messages garbled.

Landscaping theme

  • FIX: Integrated into the Home search page without a default pop-up keyboard.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Is there someone who can help me? I can’t install Google Services / Play Store at my Meizu MX4 Pro 32GB chinese version.

@jorgefcbastos I can’t install it either
EDIT: Hey, I’ve found a way of installing it. Just go to the App Store and instead of downloading the current versions of Google Installer, check the History Versions and download 1.4.4, that will work! Good luck!

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@Dfos thank you very much. That worked perfectly.

go to settings / fingerprint and security and root the phone using system root
download supersu but DO NOT OPEN YET
go to system root and allow supersu
NOW OPEN SUPERSU and update binary, just follow instruction and reboot
install the english TWRP from here
open TWRP and click install, when you get success close TWRP and clear in recents window, now reopen TWRP and reboot TWRP. option
when the phone reboots in TWRP you can install GAPPS from here and reboot
You should now be good

Note: if you can’t see contents of storage in TWRP go to data/media/0

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