Video stuttering

Hello meizufans!

Relatively new user of mx3 and from the beginning i am experiencing some irritating video stuttering during playback of recorded video. Some part of the recorded video is playing smoothly but at some points there is a slow down or stuttering. Instead downloaded full hd videos of any format are playing very smootly.

This happens only with full hd recording. The quality of the video is superb though. I didn’t try any other player. Also i have read that bitrate during recording is 100mbps, maybe stuttering is because of that? And what can i do to eliminate stuttering?

Firmware is 3.5.2 and i am not using power save mode.


I always had to clear the list of recent apps (swipe up from bottom screen, then swipe down on icons) to make the recorder record smoothly.

With some firmwares I couldn’t record stable video at all, but with 3.7.5A which I am running now everything seems allright.

EDIT: Summary: Try to eliminate all background tasks/apps running, and try other firmware versions!

Thank you for your quick reply!

The stuttering happens even without any app in the task manager…even after reboot. Anyway i will try other firmware as you suggest. This is the only problem i have found so far. Everything else is perfect for me.

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