Flyme OS test firmware (m2)

User Center

  • VIP Member: Meizu launched a new member, enjoy the privileges and services.


  • Word graph matching: a new local music lyrics cover function key match.


  • The default pop-up keyboard slide search: Optimization.


  • Review: full keyboard state, the default display lowercase keyboard.


  • Optimization: At the end of all the tasks without shutting down the background music being played.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: corrected several times to send traffic information to the operator after the restart the phone.
  • Fix: Start the management part of the application of mutual invalidation.
  • FIX: fingerprint to unlock encrypted application sporadic black case.
  • No third-party adapter repairing mobile butler theme icons.

Domestic services

  • Optimization: Optimization of search logic, highlighted keywords.
  • Optimization: buy new filtering capabilities.
  • Optimization: Adjustment coupon vision, increased use of coupons description.
  • Optimization: Adjust movie ticket page associated visual.


  • You can not receive multimedia messages encrypted information after: Repair.

Set up

  • FIX: Unable to set ringtone online ringtone dual card.


  • Optimization: Optimization mailbox folder switching logic.
  • FIX: Some messages garbled.

Landscaping theme

  • FIX: Integrated into the Home search page without a default pop-up keyboard.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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