Meizu MX5

Good evening everybody.Does anybody know if a reliable connection to an LCD TV via HDMI is possible for MX5?What equipment should I use and where can I purchase from?I would like to “mirror” my Android phone to a bigger screen in order to watch saved HD Movies…


@Mike19641964 What you are looking for is called MHL.

There already was a topic asking this questions: https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/3574/mhl-on-mx5

Once upon a time MX2 supported MHL but MHL is no more supported after MX3, so I am using so called digital media converter.
you need to get a box which support DLNA player. I personally use IOData WFD-HDMI which has been discontined now.
selecting the box instead of local video player the video will be played on the display/TV connected via HDMI cable.
in the same manner, standard music player and photo viewer on MX5 support DLNA.
This is one of the reasons I stick on Meizu.

image on MX5

Meizu MX5

@shigeo_watabe Thank you friend still to be honest I would like tol stick with the MHL Converter as it is much chepper and easy to purchase for less the 15 euro from China market

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