How to transfer from flyme to (china to international) and back

So I bought A Meizu Pro 6 china version, then decided I don’t need all the Chinese firmware. After an extensive research I was able to switch from China (a) to international (g).

you can do it without wiping your data… but remember to do a factory setting reset for a smoother run

this is how it goes;

  1. download this

  2. download flyme from the firmware section in this forum.

  3. download any terminal app and make sure your pro 6 is rooted

  4. place both download objects ( and in your device root storage (not in any folder)

  5. open terminal app and type the following

  • su [press enter]

  • sh /sdcard/ [press enter]

  1. wait for installation to be completed then your done !

check your device… for

if you have heating issues and battery drain, please sign out and back in your google account. Contact syncing is a bit buggy the first time, but after that it will run flawlessly and the issue will fix it self

**** I am not responsible for any bricks
*** source

keep in mind the following;
you will have slower updates than china rom
3.5mm jack audio loudness will decrease
there will be no flyme apps anymore ( account, root, themes, etc)
google will be built in the OS
no spotlight like search.
it will still use about 50% of ram

battery life is amazing ( avg 4hrs sot)
screen is brighter in auto mode,
app killing is less and you block what you want in security app.

**** To go back to Firmware A; ******

  • You need to download the firmware,
  • Drop the file on your phone not in a folder,
  • Turn phone off and turn on buy power button and up button
  • then update firmware.
    you are back to A firmware

make sure you wipe settings !

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Meizu Pro 5

That guide is only for the PRO 6? I want to do for the PRo 5…

this is why its in the pro 6 section .:expressionless:


@tsamige for the Pro 5 there is a different guide:

@Hamano-McDougachi, if you are cool with it I would like to close this topic and update the current guide with the info provided by yours. Please tell me if this is okay for you :)

If I do this…

  • When a new (G) update was released, Can I update it normally?
  • If I do a factory reset + Sdcard, will I still have a (G) ROM?
  • If I would like to go back to (A) version, Is it posible?


  • over air updates works,

  • yes if u factory reset ull still get (G) because u changed the ID

  • That I have to figure out

I just did this “upgrade” on my Chinese Meizu pro 6, now im running the international firmware wich is fantastic! But now i dont have the option to log in to my Flyme account, so i can not enable “system priviliges”/root… Any ideas?

Kind regards from Thomas.

@CyberQ I think there is an apk for flyme account …

Would the same process work for C to G

also my Pro6 is currently at if i use the process mentioned above it gives error of Firware Corrupt.

Any idea on how to upgrade A to

@naqishah I tested it on 5.2.01a and so I suggest you downgrade to one of them and try

@Hamano-McDougachi i have downgraded to, upon upgrading it gives me Firmware corrupt error… any ideas…

@Hamano-McDougachi even after downgrading to A if i try to upgrade to G it gives me error Firmware Corrupt.

any suggestions…

@naqishah did download the firmware again ? maybe its an incomplete download

@Hamano-McDougachi i downloaded 3 times, all gave same error…

I have rooted the device through traditional manner of logging in via FlyME account and enabling Root Permissions and also via a third party app but results were same …

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