[Guide] Meizu MX5 - Stuck on Guest Mode - fix
Meizu MX5

Hello all.

This guide is made for Meizu MX5. Dunno if it will work on Pro 5, but you can try and give feedback about it.
I am not responsible for your bricked phone! As long as you follow the steps, everything should go smooth!

Following this guide will erase all data stored on the phone!!! (you can try to do a dirty flash - not checking the “Clear data” in firmware upgrade - but I am not sure if it will work)

In this topic I will post how I managed to fix my MX5 that was stuck on Guest Mode running FlymeOS

The symptoms are:

  • after reboot, the phone shows the old user (all apps and data) for about 5-10 seconds and then it switches to a guest user, locking all data and apps on phone.
  • trying to update/downgrade the firmware from the guest user (via downloading and running the zip either from flymeos.com or meizufans.eu gets the phone to the firmware upgrade step but it restarts at “Checking firmware”.
  • ADB doesn’t recognise the phone in Fastboot mode.
    Having all these symptoms, it looks like you are locked to do anything to the phone. In the next steps I will explain how I managed to fix this issue and get the phone working again.

1st STEP:
In Guest mode enter Settings - Apps - All
Start Force closing and removing data and cache from all the apps you can in the apps list (Don’t stop Settings app because it will kick you out of Settings)! (Clearing the cache grants you some time to do the next steps, so don’t pass this step!)
After you are done, restart the phone, long press power button and choose Restart.

2nd STEP:
After the phone starts, quickly go to your browser (either the stock one or the one that you use as daily).
Go to FlymeOS download page: www.flymeos.com/firmware.html and download the latest firmware available (in my case it was the You must do this as fast as you can before the guest mode comes into effect once more!
If you did everything as I explained, your phone should be downloading the latest firmware (check in the notification bar that you have a Download icon).
After some time Guest mode will kick in once more, even if you don’t see it, the download is still working in the background so give it some time so that it finishes the download. Depending on your internet speed, I would recommend leaving the phone for about half an hour - 1 hour to finish the download (just don’t restart or shutdown the phone).

3rd STEP
After some time the download should have finished (as I said in the previous step, depends on your network speed).
You have to repeat the 1st STEP once more, Force stopping and clearing cache and data from apps in Settings - Apps - All menu.
After you force stopped all apps and cleared data and cache from them, restart the phone once more (Long press Power Button - Restart).

4th STEP
After the phone restarts you should be once more in normal User mode.
You need to acces the stock File Explorer very fast - go to Downloads folder and select the update.zip that you downloaded in the previous step. Check “Clear all data” and confirm the firmware upgrade (either by OK or Yes, I can’t remember the button that you get). This step as the previous one has to be done very fast, before the guest mode kicks in.

5th and final STEP
If everything went as I described here, the phone should restart in Firmware upgrade mode and should pass the “Checking firmware” phase. If not, repeat the steps again.
After the firmware upgrade process will finish the phone will reboot in Initialising firmware (white screen with FlyMe logo) and after that the Optimising apps (Optimising apps xx/xx) interface. Give it some time (it should take about 5-10 minutes).

If during one of the steps you didn’t have enough time to do as described (phone gets back to Guest Mode before you do the required action), you have to repeat the: All Apps - Force stop, Clear data, Clear cache and Restart the phone to try again!

At the 2nd STEP - you can try to upload a update.zip allready downloaded on your PC - reboot the phone after the 1st STEP, and as soon as the phone boots up, quickly connect your phone to your PC and move the .zip to the internal storage of the phone! (I didn’t try but I think that the internal storage should also be visible until the Guest Mode kicks in).

Once it all finishes you should be able to use the normal user once again!
Hope it helps you guys. I did it as I described here and I am once more a normal user of Meizu MX5.

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Meizu MX5

OK. Back with more info… Another phone (Pro 5 - thanks to Joz1 for the patience - I told you that we can do it! ;) ) was debugged, and as I’ve seen, Safe Mode doesn’t change anything…
One more thing you can try is to **Restore to factory defaults, and when the phone restarts, don’t allow it to connect to the internet!

  • Remove the SIM card before you restore to factory defaults.
  • In Settings - do a: “Restore to factory defaults”
  • As soon as the phone restarts, SKIP the Wi-Fi connection!

On the Pro5, when the firmware was upgraded everything worked fine untill the phone connected to the Wi-Fi (and maybe received some sort of block from the Meizu server).

If everything goes well you should have enough time to copy an update.zip that you downloaded on the PC to the internal storage.

The firmware downgrade and upgrade (to fix the guest mode) for Pro5 should be done in this order (only for phones bought from China):

Waiting for feedback.

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I clear all the cache on guest mode but after restart I v just something like 5 seconds on my main account…
In my case before this I succeed a reset factory in the same way, so my main account is very clean because of this I v not enough times.
Any idea to extend the main account time?

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Alex the same on me max 5 seconds also after cleaning cash
and also i succeed to do factory reset…
PS: guys, please can we continue discussion in here as always
why to devide conversation to 2 sites.

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Meizu MX5

Joz1, dunno mate, but try to delete DATA from apps also. It doesn’t matter if it wrecks the apps, maybe that’s what gives you enough time. You will update anyhow…so a nice fresh install. Just stick to what I said. I was in the same situation, I managed to restore factory defaults and I was still stuck in Guest Mode.

And as soon as the phone starts enter an app…don’t waste time on the main screen (launcher)…I’ve read that waiting at the home screen reduces the amount of time that you’ve got untill the Guest Mode kicks in…Dunno why…

I repeat, delete Cache and Data…the firmware upgrade will be a fresh install anyhow, so no matter if the apps that you have now will be bugged…they will get reinstalled during the upgrade.

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