Just installed Flyme on my M2. It's amazing, but...

Yeah, just updated and I don’t know how to move app to sd card. there is no option to do that on “setting > apps > your apps > move to sd card”, sigh

And, where on earth is flyme account setting for official rooting option? also, no more fast search by swipe up homescreen. sigh again

Plus, where the hell is vault after I enabled it? I can’t find it on document/file explorer. Flyme suck.

Anyone would elaborate those solution with me?

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Well, first of all You can root your phone with KingRoot app, after that its very easy and its up to you how will you move yours app and data to sd card. But, I recommend Link2sd, its free on play store, and its amazing for rooted phones, you can do anything with your apps. take a look.

@pedjakis thanks. one down, 2 issues to go.


The problem is that Meizu removed all the useful Flyme features in the G firmware. Instead it became a crippled version.
If you really want to use the homescreen search or the vault, you should use the A firmware.

Vault is on the File Explorer>Favorites>Vault. Make sure to Enable the Vault in the Settings. :)

@pein08 Thanks! :D
@Rey What is A firmware stands for? What I know is G for global.

I have problem with Google calendar notifications. It won’t show even if I have allowed them in Security center. Does anybody know how to fix it, please?

Meizu m2

Hi, im using flyme 5 about 2 weeks, everything is awesome but i have little problem - volume rockers. When i try to decrease ringer volume it decreases only media volume. If i want to decrease ringer volume i must head to -Settings-Sound and vibration-Volume. Its very annoying, also when i start decreasing it in settings it starts playing some music, very annoying please help me is this bug on my phone or in whole software?

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