SIM not working properly in Meizu M3 note

Hello All,

I have recently purchased a Meizu M3 note in India which has firmware version installed. I have BSNL which is one of our state run GSM Services. The problem I am facing is when I insert the sim, All 3G signals are there, however, it says “Cellone(Data Connection Only)”. I cannot make and receive any calls, Not even send and receive any texts. Data connection is working.

I have tried different company Sim Cards, Like Airtel, Vodafone etc. they are working. I have even tried two different BSNL SIM Cards. Issues is same with all BSNL sims. These BSNL Sims are working in Meizu M2 note.

Please let me now anything can be done. It will be really helpful.


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@Harmanpreet I’m also facing same problem .Bsnl sim is not working properly .please reply me what sh
ould I do?

Hello Tahir

I have tried multiple things from my side. Things have not changed. Even flashed with latest Firmware of M3 note from Meizu EU forums, Still no go. I have posted on Flyme OS forums and also EU Forums. lets hope if Meizu team picks it up. Let me know if you get it fixed.

I have tried many things but all went waste .I have also called customer care .they said that our technical team is working on that .it will be recover as soon as possible .

Hello Tahir

Well, I also tried 3G sim of BSNL of 64k as I had 32k sim before, that also did not work. Finally, I gave up and moved back to Global Firmware from Chinese Firmware and gave all info to there whatsapp Techincal team, they told me the same that we have forwarded this issue to our testing team and as we get any info we will let you know. I hope we get reply on it.

Redmi Note 3 also had problem with BSNL/MTNL Sims, they were only searching for 2G networks for BSNL/MTNL. When MI came to know about they were quick to react and released instant update and issue was fixed by them.

I am not sure how Meizu and when they will react. I hope they react soon as other people who are facing this issue have started returning the product, I wish I do not have to, as this product is very good and I also want to retain my BSNL number which is almost 8 years old. I hope soon they release OTA update it for it like MI.

Harmanpreet Singh

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I have also discused same issue with customer service of meizu .they said
that they will fix it as soon as possible .now lets see what will happened ?

Hello Tahir

My BSNL Sim has started working from today. I am not sure how, but it did. Both of my sims from different states of BSNL started working.

I did not recieve any update from Meizu. I was just asking daily to Meizu through email and whatsapp, reply was as expected they said update will be there, however, there was no update. May be BSNL might have fixed the issue. Not sure. I hope your issue is also fixed by now.


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