gps problem

Hello guys.
When i first bought my phone the gps worked exceptionally. After several updates the gps kept working and i assumed it will keep on working, not like on the crap piece of shit chineese phones that have a non working gps … my brother had one such phone and i HATED IT!!!.
After going for several.months without using the gps i finally got my own car and now i desperattely need to use the gps
The that it doesnt work anymore. I cant get a signal no matter where i am. Indoors,outdoors,on the mountain,in the city,etc. The very very poor.

Can you suggest something ?
I tried with partial wipe, total wipe, changing the version. Now i have on it.
Please help me.with something i am freaking out …i am in romania currently

Meizu MX4 Pro

thats weird, i have and its working perfectly

Hi, my mx4 pro have this problem too when I use IGO, but when I turn on the mobile data and start finding signal on Google maps it’s 👌. After turning off the data and close the Gmaps the IGO not lost the GPS signal and works correctly.
OH and I’m from Romania too. 😊

Had this problem too. I did a factory reset, wiped EVERYTHING, and installed a new firmware. Works great now, lock in under 5 seconds

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