Flyme OS stable (m3 note)


  • Optimization: improve network stability.
  • FIX: When you open a data connection even now do not have access.
  • FIX: Telecom 4G 4G telecom card can not reside in Macao.


  • Fix: through Wi-Fi to transfer large files, a lower rate of problem even now.
  • Repair: Wi-Fi standby power consumption larger.


  • FIX: After the end of the video recording standby power consumption is too large.


  • Optimization: Optimization part of the machine splash screen problem may exist.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

The battery life with this Firmware is not good at all… the battery usage is at least divided by 2!

Nope, I didn’t… but, I decided to downgrade, did a clean install… and now facing 2 big issues:
1/ no sim card recognition anymore
2/ all my data are… gone and system is like when I bought it…

I am so frustrated…

Did a clean install with this update again, reinstall my apps and settings… everything seems to work fine, and even better now…

@thierrite How do you do a clear installation sorry I come from iOS.

Is there an international version of this latest firmware ?

Hi i have a annoying issue with my phone, i don’t know if it’s related to firmware version so I’m putting message in here.
My phone came with a strange firmware number and it was not showing battery percentage so I downloaded this one here and now I’m facing with random app closing issue, I’ve searched internet but no answer found, all my apps without exception closing themselves, I don’t know maybe it’s due to memory leak or something.
Is there anyone here facing with similar problem with their phone or is it just me

Meizu m3 note

can u pls provide firmware in indian versions…pls…i recently update with china version and there are many bugs …pls help me

Meizu m3 note

Hello, I flash Flyme OS 5.1.3.A to Flyme OS 5.1.3.G rom needrom… Now I want to back Flyme OS 5.1.3.A. How I get back? any suggestion?

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