Phone standby takes lot of battery power(meizu m2)



I have been using meizu m2 for about 4 months.From the beginning I have this problem which is phone standby takes lot of battery power.due to this,within 7 hours 3% battery comes down and within 12 hours 10% battery comes down.Is there any way to suppress this discharge?



@Rey As far I noticed,hardware itself takes lot of power.Previously I was running with flyme 4.5.4 I,I had notice that this phone standby takes lot of power,when I was not using the handset so much.Is there any solution for this power problem.

Also a question arises.Even when I was not using the phone so much,does the handset takes lot of power for standby?I mean,is it takes 15%-20% of battery power for one day phone standby?(In dual sim mode,with 4G signal for one sim)


Wrong section.


The Google Play services do use quite a lot of power actually. However, did you ever tried a fresh installation of your firmware?

Yes,I recently changed firmware from flyme 4 to flyme 5(I mean the stable version).Still it doesn’t help me to solve this problem.However I noticed that, software takes only little percent.As you can see,hardware takes lot of power when compared to software…My friend who have htc mobile also had this same problem.But when he contacted costumer care,they told him some ways to make standby time ,he’s satisfied with his phone battery performance.Is there any way for meizu m2 like that?

@Jokerguy Hey, I can’t help but notice that you do not have display under the hardware tab. Any idea?

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