Firmware corrupt...


I’ve been testing Beta firmwares for a while, I’m on now and ever since I cannot update to any newer release. The update process says “Firmware corrupt…”. I believe that’s because I have removed (with Titanium Backup) some of the Chinese apps (don’t remember which).

Is there anything I can do (without a full stock reinstall) to make the upgrades work again? If not, how to proceed with full wipe reinstall, so I can be on the latest Beta again? I don’t want to be stuck on International firmware version (G), although my phone is international.

R u sure u r downloading the A roms?
This message appears when from A rom u try to flash a G rom.

Yes, I’m sure. I tried almost every single one from here:
The cheksums are ok too.

How are you performing the update process?
Did you try from recovery also?

Yes, first it says “Checking firmware…” and when the progress bar is at 100% Firmware corrupt… message occurs. There’s an option for a full wipe but I’d like to avid that. I also noticed in the Settings I’m missing the “Flyme account” menu. I’ve definitely deleted too much:) Anyway the phone works fine, when I get more time I will try the full wipe and reinstall all the apps.


@ryhoo2 did you tried to get the md5 sum of the downloaded firmwares?
Here the md5 sums for &
6f9dbf3f352d622b35e5fae7ced7053c (
9687AD9D693563E392B8CB6106057D63 (

Also where did you bought your device from?

Yes, the checksums were always fine. My device is from the official Polish distribution. It came originally with, but I’ve beed on many betas 5.1.x.x and 5.6.x.x and made incremetal upgrades without the need of full wipe.

Looks like I’m in deep trouble… I tried a flash with “Clear data” and none of the firmwares works:( Now my phone is stuck at “MEIZU” logo and doesn’t boot… I tried ALL of the firmwares below with recovery, but I always get “Firmware corrput” error message. HELP!!!

My phone was on the last time it worked…

Finally! I charged my phone to 100% and changed the computer from which I uploaded firmwares and it went through:) I don’t know what was the problem, the system (win10 vs. win7) or the cable or the USB port, nevermind mine phone is back to life.

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