Firmware Highlights

  • New growth and local theme screenshot sharing more convenient.
  • Increase accessibility options, more intimate.


  • Theme: new growth and local theme screenshot function, press the volume keys and power button trigger.
  • Optimization: Updated Instagram, VSCO, QQ, Uber, Baidu maps and other applications Flyme style icon.

Set up

  • Accessibility: Accessibility to increase accessibility options.
  • Developer Options: Movie options increase 0.75x options.
  • Quick switch: quick switch management new driving auxiliary switch.
  • Optimization: Refresh Utility Page.
  • Optimization: checked by default, all local backup backup entry.
  • Optimization: increase local backup lunar date and contact ringtone backup and recovery.
  • Optimization: Adjust Wi-Fi details page.


  • Read Share: click on the search results without having to jump, to provide an immersive reading experience, and support the sharing of.
  • Travel Card: Smart card parse messages and generate schedules, provide weather alerts, departure reminders, a key navigation and other travel services.
  • Events: Add an event card from time to time to provide various benefits.


  • Word graph matching: a new local music lyrics cover function key match.
  • Fix: Even now account name is inconsistent with the system account under Wi-Fi environment.


  • Self folder: Self-new independent gallery folder.
  • Crop: Crop Pages visual optimization.

App Store

  • Optimization: Adding related recommendations when installing the application selection page.
  • Optimization: There are benefits to increase welfare application details page entry.


  • Scan code: new camera scan code mode, support for the two-dimensional code and bar code scanning.


  • Optimization: Reader add “more” and “Add to bookshelf” button.
  • Optimization: Book details page Click on the book cover to start reading books.
  • Optimization: improve the accuracy of books Gets the name of the local import books.


  • Optimization: When editing the alarm, the ringing tones, and online entry prompt entries increase subscript.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: Setting leisure traffic after time status bar displays “remaining flow” rather than “remaining leisure traffic”.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: charging animation and text prompts the lock screen charging problem of overlapping.
  • Optimization: adjust the fingerprint error reminder.
  • Optimization: Adjust the screen lock interface animation effects on the operation.
  • Optimization: When the display lock screen music cover, the bottom does not display the unlock prompt.
  • FIX: When the lock screen music player, there is no 12-hour time display AM or PM.

Notification bar

  • Optimization: Adjustment Notification Center on the operation of the animation.
  • Optimization: notification bar and status bar icon mute unity.
  • FIX: momentary switch data traffic, real-time network show abnormal rate.


  • FIX: Click all closed sporadic progress bar Caton.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS